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It’s time to bring people together to achieve a more wellness lifestyle through technology.

Learn about the HELO compensation plan that thousands of people around the world are benefiting from…

When developing the HELO health smartband we received an enormous amount of excitement surrounding the product.

Because of this, it became natural for people who were using and enjoying the HELO bracelet to share and talk about the technology with friends and family. Not to mention, they wanted to get their loved ones a HELO to take advantage of all the health benefits as well as added peace of mind with the “monitoring” feature.

We realized this was a product that was naturally shared and talked about among it’s users. With that being said, we concluded that the best way to promote and advertise this product would be to compensate people just like you, for simply sharing a technology that you love and enjoy everyday.


Be your life changer. Set your goals, live the opportunity.

The chance to operate in a growing market with exclusive products, expert training resources and pro marketing materials to build your success. Whether you are searching for a part-time income or a global opportunity to change your life, WOR(l)D offers you an amazing business opportunity.

The Right Product. The Right Company.

There is a new corporate business model in the Technology Industry. A publicly traded TECH company is sharing profits with it’s users!

Can you imagine if when Apple had introduced the iphone they shared profits with you the consumer?

World Global Network sells a product that is going to dominate a category called wearable technology. It is estimated that the Wearable Tech market will be worth 32 billion dollars in the next 2-3 years.

You can cash in on this surge of wearable technology with the #1 product in the category… The HELO Health Monitor Wristband. Get Paid to Share the product!

Technology is where there is Opportunity…

Partnering with WOR(l)D is the right choice

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Right Timing & Market Trend

Wearable Technology is HOT!

Wearable Technology is HOT!

Right Management & Leadership

Right Compensation

Over 500,000 HELO’s Sold
Commissions Paid to Partners
Estimated 2 Billion in Sales by 2020

Meet Your New Best Friends, Our HELO Partners.

Glenn & Cindy Earls
Glenn & Cindy EarlsHELO Partners
Ryan & Jamie Earls
Ryan & Jamie EarlsHELO Partners
Phillip & Kelley Merrill
Phillip & Kelley MerrillHELO Partners

World Global Network is in 195 countries and has offices Worldwide.