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HELO is a Health Monitoring SMARTBAND

Helo is not a Watch, you can call it a Wristband, but it really is a new type of wearable technology that is nothing like other competitors. Helo really doesn’t have any competitors that have the health monitoring functions and features that are part of the Helo smartband.

Helo is so revolutionary that it stands alone in the wearable tech market. It is like when everyone had a flip phone, and then smart phones came out, it was the death of the flip phone. The smart phone changed the industry and people were dumping flip phones for the new tech.

Now that the Helo smartband has hit the market.

The Fitbit is the old tech (think flip phone) and the new Tech HELO smart wristband is here!

There are almost 30 million fitbits that have been purchased, most of those will be trading up for a better option.

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